Get a POS System that Solves These Problems…and Increases Sales

If you run a small-to-midsize apparel business, you know it’s tough out there. Industry giants like Amazon have put a lot of brick-and-mortar business owners on edge, but it doesn’t mean the end of the road, it just means you have to work a little smarter to compete.

One of the best ways to challenge apparel behemoths is to provide exceptional customer service, and…

…one of the easiest ways to provide exceptional customer services to have a POS system that makes the customer’s in-store experience fast and seamless.

But what kind of features should you look for in a POS system? Every company’s needs are different, but these are the key features that solve typical apparel business problems, so ask yourself where you could use some help.

Tracking inventory and managing SKUs

If you have enough products on your shelves, then chances are you won’t automatically know what your best and worst sellers are off the top of your head. Up-to-date information and analytics about what sells and what doesn’t will keep you from buying or producing items that end up relegated to the clearance rack time after time. Or alternatively, prevent you from running out of top-selling styles and sizes and losing frustrated customers as a result.

Consolidating customer data profiles and implementing loyalty programs through marketing

Flash sales or the release of next season‘s collection are genuinely fantastic ways to increase foot traffic and profit, but you can’t just hope that people stop in—you need to strategically market to them. This can be done very simply with a POS system that allows you to create and customize customer profiles.

The capacity to process multiple types of payment

Not just credit and debit cards versus cash, but a combination. This is also an important function for any store that wishes to sell their own gift cards (more on their benefits here).

Assistance with employee scheduling, payroll, and taxes

Let’s face it, the average small business simply can’t afford a full-time accountant or HR rep to handle these things, nor can you afford to have someone off the floor for enough time during the week to get them done the old-fashioned way.

The ability to integrate mobile POS capabilities on tablet or smart phones

If it makes sense for your business to give your employees the ability to fully assist customers on the floor, then this capability is a real customer service asset. Many customers will leave the store entirely if the wait for help is too long, even if they were fully planning on purchasing.

Other frequently needed features include: help with online sales, a highly customized system for a location with a large number of SKUs, data backup and cloud technology, and vendor data tracking including invoicing, ordering, and costing, or even the ability to go paperless.

Chances are that at least one (if not all) of these functions would make your business run smoother and give you more of a fighting chance in the sometimes overwhelming world of apparel retail. For help figuring out which system will best meet your particular needs, contact me and I’ll help you choose the right POS system to drive sales, enhance customer service, and have you asking “Amazon who?”